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Hey examiner, hope you enjoyed doing through my blog and watching my final music video.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Final DigiPak

Final Magazine Advert

Final Music Video - Aruran and Aymen

Evalutation One

Frame 1 – in this shot we have shown the artist from a high angle as he raps and is taken outdoors, as most music rap videos are taken outside. In this location the artist is leaning back on a fence and is rapping towards the camera. We have taken 3 different shots at this same position of the artist as we can have quick cuts across the video. We have also chosen this location as it suits our music as it is gloomy and cold; this makes the music video fit in with the music itself.

Frame 2 – in this shot we have taken the video shoot at night, using natural street lighting and car headlights. We have out focused the background and focused into the artist rapping but as he raps we have chosen to focus and out focus the artist to make it appealing.

Frame 3 – this is the shot of the second artist that is featuring in the song. As this artist has a quicker flow in rap, we have chosen to have taken many different shots from the same position, so we can have very quick cuts on the video as it will flow with the music beat.

Frame 4 – we have taken a shot in the night of oncoming cars, and we have out focused the camera which provides the video as a lens flare effect. This was taken as one of our fillers for the music video.

Frame 5 – in this shot it was a tracking camera shot from the first artist into the second artist. We have edited this in a fast pace as the tempo of the second artist gets much faster than the previous. This shot is a close shot, as many of the other shots of this artist were a median or long shot.

Frame 6 – this was our most successful shot during our music video. There is a small narrative as the rap goes on. In this frame we have put two actors at the background and the music artist sitting on the bench. I have focused into the artist but not the actors making it effective and stand out more. The lighting in this shot was natural source of light – sun.

Frame 7 – this shot was mainly taken for the wonderful lighting we have used. As looking at many different music videos, the most effective source of shots/edits is the different types of lighting shot. For example in the music video by Tyga – I’m Gone – uses amazing lighting techniques to create effectiveness to the video.                                                                                                                           

Frame 8 – the second artist is rapping behind a graffiti filled wall, which make our music video fit into the conventions of rap genre. We have taken different shots of the same location to have fast pace cuts and editing during our music video.

Frame 9 – this is the close up of what the main artist is writing, which is a sort of narrative to the audiences. It is also a very clever shot as it contains the lyrics being said by the rapper.

A Shot that shows a link between the lyrics/music and the visuals -

In this shot the main artist lip synching and the visual has a very close relationship, when the artist says ‘’I’m sorry for the hearts i have broken’’. Which in the background we see a couple having an argument – which goes closely with the visuals and they link together.

A Shot that amplifies the way the record company want to represent the artist

This is a close up shot of the artist rapping straight to the camera and the locations used in this shot will show how the record company wants to promote the artist. Many rap music videos are taken outdoors which follows the rap music conventions. Having close relationship through videos with the fans will enable to promote the album even more.


A shot to show how the video depicts its own genre.

Through many different research being done on the rap genre, we have found out that many of the rap artists wear a snap back (hat) and look casual. In this shot we have our artist leaning on the back of a fence and rapping. This shot follows our conventions of the rap genre, as our props and costumes fit into the genre. on the side we have our artist (Moonz OutKast) and a famous artist (Tyga) - both of them follow the conventions of the rap genre. Research has helped me and my partner follow these essential conventions. 

A shot that demonstrates the use of lighting

In this shot we have showed off our different lighting skills we have gained from a lot of practice  In this shot we have recorded this clip at night, which enabled us to use the lighting effectively. I have recorded the artist and kept focusing the camera in and out which made the lighting effect look more effective. We used a variety of different shots which made us use both natural lighting at daytime and street lighting at night.

A shot that demonstrates the use of the camera

Throughout my music video I and my partner have decided to have many different types of camera shots. As our music genre is rap, we had to make sure we had many different close shots of both of the artists. One of our most successful shots throughout our music video was when the second artist came into the front – we used a tracking shot from the first artist to the second artist. When we edited this shot, we made sure that the movement to the next artist was fast – we achieved this by cutting the tracking movement and adding a fast effect.  

A shot that shows intertextual reference

One of the shots in our music video was inspired by me when watching ‘Good Intentions’ by Dappy. One of the shots is when Dappy is walking towards the camera as the camera goes backwards. We have done a similar shot to this at the beginning of the music video. This shot has inspired me and my partner because it looks very effective as artist is walking towards the camera, and looking straight at the camera – having a close relationship with the viewers. 

A shot that demonstrates the use of Mise - en - scene

Throughout our music video we have two types of different narrative going on. The first is when the artist talks about the loss of his brother, and the second narrative is when the artist talks about the ‘hearts’ he has broken. For the second narrative we have included the artist in the frame as well as the two couples having an argument behind the artist. We have located both of the narrative outdoors which makes it more realistic and shows the audience what type of character our artist is. According to our research we have found out that rap videos contains small segments of different narrative which goes with the visual and lyrics. This is why we have included two different small narrative throughout our music video.

A shot which demonstrates something which shows you have watched other music videos

This is another shot from ‘’Good Intentions’’ by Dappy which is repeated in many rap videos. The crossing over of the artist by fading two different shots into one frame. Me and my partner have decided to this part of editing for the second artist, as the rap tempo is faster than the first artist. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Evaluation Three

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Music Video Feedback

After finishing my final Music video, Digipak and Magazine advert I have gained many different feedback through different audience groups. By getting feedback it made me have a rough idea of how ordinary audiences will find my final products. I have used a variety of many different types of technology to get my feedback, for instance recording the audience feedback.

This is Rahul from my media class he is giving us feedback on our final music video. He speaks about the good aspects on our final product, for instance the different types of shots and how our narrative went well with the song. He also speaks some improvements we can do make to make our product more effective. He says how we should take more shots on our second artist and make the cuts more faster, as the verse and tempo of the beat goes faster.

Feedback On Magazine Advert

For my magazine advert, i have posted the final image of the advert on Facebook. This allowed me have feedback from many different audience groups. Below is one of the feedback i have gained from posting my final product on Facebook.

Another comment later on was said by another friend on Facebook.

‘’ It is an attractive poster with great use of fonts which makes it look appealing. The attractiveness is caught by the bright colours however; the background colour could be a bit darker or have a full sized image that could be related to the theme which would have made it more realistic. The bottom part of the poster is very good as it gives out more information to the audience about this magazine, which would attract many people, as it is very popular to have a facebook or twitter account in this modern day society. Your context is kept nice and simple therefore more people are likely to have a glance over you magazine’’ 

From my feedbacks for my final magazine advert, the overall feedback was good. Which made allowed me and my partner not to make many different changes. 

Feedback On DigiPak

''The front cover looks very professional and will be liked by many. The song titles are clearly shown on the back and this will also create suspense in the audience's mind as they would want to listen to the music and know what the lyrics are all about. However in my opinion i believe that more colour could have been added to the front of the cover as this will create an exciting atmosphere. In addition the titles are very mysterious in my opinion
as it contains a variety of themes which would promote the audience in buying this album''

From our feedbacks from many different target audiences on our Digipak. We have concluded to keep our album cover as we have officially made it, as it looks professional and goes with the final product very well. From these different feedback on our Digipak, I now know that my Digipak is become a very success, as it has fulfilled our target audiences. In addition, the close relationship it has with our final product and magazine advert was successful. 

Rough Cut Feedback -

After gaining many different feedbacks from different target audiences for our rough cut, I accepted these advises and noted all improvements which could have been made in order to create a more successful music video. Some of the comments where ‘I really enjoyed the video, and the different types of shots that were used, overall i think the editing on the second artist should be a bit more faster as the beat gets faster – this will make your music video spot on’. This comment got me and my partner thinking and we were watching through our video a few times, and decided to change the second artists edits more faster and quicker cuts to suit the tempo of the beat. 

Final Music Video

After taking these Feedbacks in consideration, me and my partner have changed the second artists edits slightly to make it go in a more faster pace and follow the tempo of the beat. As the cuts are more faster, i now believe that the video now goes well with the music.

 I believe the feedback I have gained,  is important because it tells me how well I have produced and edited my final product in the eyes of the people who are important to me – my target audiences. Overall, I believe the feedbacks I have gained from different audience groups allowed me to make my final product more creative and attractive according to our target audiences.